Battenfeld Shock Wave Sabots .50 Cal. 250 Gr 30/Pk

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50 Cal.
10150 Lakeridge Pkwy Ashland, VA 23005 USA
The Battenfeld Shock Wave is NOT a conventional pistol bullet converted to a muzzleloading projectile, but a spire-point bullet with polymer tip specifically designed as a muzzleloading sabot bullet.

Battenfeld's Shock Wave incorporates modern technology previously only applied to centerfire rifle bullets.

The polymer tip of the Shock Wave bullet does double duty; it increases the Ballistic Coefficient for sustained high velocity down range, and it punches into the pocket to open up the nose cone for fast expansion. The result, 3" less drop at 200 yards, and devastating energy at velocities between 1,000 ft/sec & 2,200 ft/sec.

The Shock Wave has a harder lead core with walls interlocked with the jacket for maximum weight retention and expansion.

Pick the bullet that will come up to the standards of your muzzleloader. Reach for a box of Battenfeld's Shock Wave Sabots.

  • Model: BAT17008236
  • Caliber: .50
  • Weight: 250 gr.
  • Qty: 30/Pack