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B.A.N.G. Fish Attractant 16oz. Shad

B.A.N.G. Fish Attractant 16oz. Shad

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B.A.N.G. Fish Attractant has a unique rendering process, using live bait, which produces the natural concentrated oils of the most prevalent forage species. No other fish attractant borrows so much from Mother Nature. B.A.N.G. gives the angler an edge by encouraging the fish to hold onto the bait longer. This gives you more time to set the hook. Specially formulated for slow, even dispersion of attractants and longer lasting lubrication! Both aerosol and trigger spray formulas contain no CFCs and are ozone friendly.

  • Model: 5-GAR
  • Flavor: Shad
  • Size (oz.): 16
  • Style: Trigger Spray

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