Avian-X AXP Fusion Honker Goose Decoys

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Goose Decoys
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With incredible realism and durable construction, the Avian-X AXP Honker Goose Decoys Fusion Pack includes carefully selected positions with an ideal blend of feeders, walkers and sentries that projects a true flock of feeding Canada Geese. All decoys come complete with over-sized, square motion bases, giving your decoys stability in heavy winds. These motion bases retract for easy storage and give late season hunters the versatility to imitate geese laying down in cold weather. Fusion 6-Pack Includes: 3 Feeders, 2 Walkers & 1 Sentry.

The Avian-X AXP Series features Flocked heads with painted bodies.

  • Model: 9006
  • Oversized Retractable Square Motion Bases
  • Fusion Pack Includes: 3 Feeders, 2 Walkers & 1 Sentry