Andy Clay

Andy Clay

Andy's interest in firearms first brought him to Green Top in 1987. He worked full-time at the front counter for seven years before changing his schedule to part-time. Andy continues to work evenings and weekends in addition to his full-time job in the construction business.

A reloading and hunting expert, Andy enjoys deer, rabbit, turkey and dove hunting and hunts during both black powder and regular gun season. He's also an expert on predator and varmint hunting. Andy's interest in shooting sports is not limited to hunting. He also enjoys skeet shooting and has recently taken up rifle target shooting -- an interest he shares with his oldest daughter.

Andy's love of the outdoors extends into the warmer months as well. He enjoys freshwater fishing in local ponds and rivers, and hiking -- both sports he shares with his two daughters. He also finds time for an occasional game of baseball, and working on his brother's farm.

For the best information on reloading and hunting, come see Andy…a member of the Green Top family since 1997.