A Girl & A Gun



Our Mission is to educate and encourage women about firearm usage and safety, and to promote women's shooting interest and participation in the competitive shooting sports, recreational shooting, hunting and personal defense. We create a positive environment that supports women shooters and generates opportunities for women and girls in the shooting sports. We welcome all demographics of women to participate in our events, which are designed for all levels from recreational to competitive shooting.

Our local chapter meets at Green Top Hunting & Fishing on the second Thursday of each month, 6pm – 8pm, with a variety of topics related to shooting and personal development.  Some of our topics have included fashion for concealed carry, history and use of decoys for hunting, proper care and maintenance of your firearm, holster draw techniques and dry fire drills, as well as introductions to many different competitive shooting opportunities in our area.  We also meet on a local range to practice techniques and drills using live fire.  Please check our Schedule to see when and where we will be meeting and come join us!  We have instructors who can help you out whether you are a novice shooter, waiting to purchase your first firearm, or a more seasoned shooter interested in getting involved in competition shooting. 


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