Will Dameron

Will Dameron

Will developed an interest in hunting and fishing during his teens, and it was that interest that first attracted him to Green Top. A long-term veteran of the Green Top family and our resident expert on offshore fishing, Will’s interest in outdoor sports has become a real passion.

Will is an avid fisherman, and holds multiple citations. He has achieved the Expert Angler award for Gar Fish, and is also a Level Three Master Angler. Will enjoys fishing throughout Virginia, as well as North Carolina and New York. His favorite kind of fish?—The kind that’s biting of course! Will is also enthusiastic about hunting. He hunts for deer during both black powder and regular gun season, and also enjoys hunting for turkey.

While you might sometimes find Will at the Fishing Counter or doing a cooking demonstration, he works mostly behind the scenes. A man who wears many hats here at Green Top, Will is involved in the buying and marketing for the fishing department. No matter what he’s doing, he’s always willing to take a moment to answer questions about offshore and saltwater fishing.

For the best information on your inshore and offshore fishing needs, come see Will…a member of the Green Top family since 1990.