Todd Sadler

Todd Sadler

As an outdoor enthusiast, Fishing Department Manager Todd enjoys hunting multiple species of game, as well as fishing. Typically, Todd can be found in a tree stand during the bow season, then turning to the duck blind for the rest of the year. While he is still learning the ropes, predator hunting is his latest hobby, which keeps him in the woods for a few more months each year.

One of Todd’s biggest passions is waterfowl. Having hunted ducks and geese from Arkansas to Delaware, to the sounds of Eastern North Carolina, he can answer most any question of the waterfowl variety. During the duck season, wherever you find Todd, his UKC champion retriever Chili won’t be far behind. Whether it’s in a duck blind, a retriever trial, or even here at Green Top Chili and Todd are attached at the hip.

Since beginning his career in the sporting goods industry, Todd has always been an avid archer. Having shot many different brands of compounds over the years, he recently stepped into the world of traditional archery. One of his biggest goals in the archery arena is to harvest a whitetail with his longbow this fall.

As Assistant Manager of the archery department, Todd is part of a management team that takes an extremely hands on approach. Not one to stand on the sideline, Todd along with the other managers, can be found year round working on, and selling bows. Interactions with archers, both seasoned and new to the game, are welcome challenges for Todd who was recently certified as a Basic Archery Instructor, through the National Archery in the Schools Program. In his opinion, a bow setup is very similar to a suit or dress fitting. It’s a highly technical process that is very specific to the shooter, and from start to finish Todd can get you in the bow that’s perfect for you.

For the best advice on all of your archery or waterfowl needs, come see Todd… a member of the Green Top family since 2006.