Bassmaster Northern Open on the James River
June 13 - 15, 2013

Steve Colgin Wins 10th Place

I fished primarily in the Chickahominy River. There was a lot of boat traffic in the Chick from other competitors throughout the tournament because of the muddy water in the upper James River. The bite was slow and changed for me each day of the tournament. I used frogs, jigs and senkos to catch my fish. Each bait would work for a while, and as the tide changed I would have to switch lures. Frogs worked best on high tide, jigs in the halfway out tide and senkos on low tide. I caught some good fish in practice on Dean Gibbs Crank Baits but boat traffic turned that bite off. I used Helios Rods and Reels by Okuma. I had great partners each day. Everyone caught fish and had a good time. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to fish at that level and make the top 12. I really appreciate all the support I received from family, friends and coworkers at Green Top. Thomas Harris and Cody Pike two of my best buddies from Green Top also fished. They are up and coming stars in the sport.

 - Steve Colgin