Camden Philpy

Camden Philpy

Camden is an avid waterfowl hunter and has been hunting for more than 10 years. Camden first went hunting with his Dad, Brooke Philpy, when he was only five years old, and started shooting when he was nine.  Camden says he has always hunted with his Dad, and he always will. Camden has two great retrievers hunting with his as well - Wigeon, a chocolate lab, and Ruby, a fox-red yellow lab.

Camden enjoys helping customers with questions about hunting or fishing. If you're new to waterfowl hunting, Camden can offer great advice on what ammo to buy, or what clothing you need to wear. He can also guide you through purchasing the right equipment for skeet shooting.

Camden has been an active member of the Four-Rivers 4-H Club for 8 years, and has served as club President. He recently earned Junior Instructor for Shotgun certification.

Camden also enjoys fishing. He fishes mostly for bass and crappie on Chickahominy Lake in New Kent, VA.

For the best advice on waterfowl hunting or skeet shooting, come see Camden....A member of the Green Top family since 2012.